Close to Your Heart

Your heart. That’s what’s inside a locket. Your loved ones. Your pet. Your inspiration. Your memories. Your goals. Your adventures. Your mantra. You.

Lockets have long been the personal treasures they remain today. They are timeless baubles filled with history and love.

I have meticulously chosen each locket for its quality, craftsmanship, and history offering pristine lockets ready for their new chapter with your family. Lockets come in a seemingly endless number of designs which is exciting as an artist and allows me to capture a different story each time I hand make a chain to compliment the style and era of a locket for a ready to wear and often one of a kind design. I hope you enjoy browsing and carrying on the tradition of love jewelry.

Locket quotes from the early 1900’s…

"Nothing could be more appropriate - nothing could afford a more lasting tribute of the donor's thoughtfulness and good taste, than a beautiful locket.” ~ W & H Co.

"The best of all keepsakes... No other article of jewelry, gift or favor, is so valued as the Locket. It is a symbol of Faithfulness, cherished by the wearer for memory's sake and for the loved secret it holds. The Locket never grows old but becomes dearer with long possession.” ~ W & H Co.

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